About Jill Boulby


I taught primary school classes across  key stages 1 & 2 (ages 4 to 11 years) for almost thirty years in the U.K., Europe, the Middle East and Mexico.

I have run art clubs for many years and am really enjoying running WYA classes at Weeke Primary School, Winchester.



Winchester Young Artists

was set up in September 2014 by ex teacher Jill Boulby.

WYA runs extra curricular art classes for primary school children in Years 2 to 6.

 All abilities are welcome.....you just have to love art!

The different areas of art are covered:


  • drawing

  • painting

  • textiles

  • 3D

  • collage

  • printing

We enjoy looking at the work of famous artists and find inspiration there. Our favourite artists include Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo. We also explore the work of modern and living artists such as David Hockney and Kate Malone.